August 11,2013 Bulletin

New Requests:  Fred Rose, Jerry Bryant Family , Joe Orner Family

Continued Requests:   Grover Millineff, Lucille Ratliff Family

Cancer Patients:  Jack McCann, Verde Weese, James Pierce, Tony Gaydos, Ashley Carrington,

Alfreda Terry, Blaike Clark, Mike Bond, Orville Bond, Jim Hamilton, Sue Hamlton, Churck Perry

Elderly and Shut Ins and their Families:  Jason Cox, Maxine Soards, Helen Dixon,

Sammy & Gardena Ginn, Flora Wells, Jim Hasler, Russell Hord, Joe Hewlett, George Royal ,

Joann Mustard, Lovell Kamer, Lou Ivy Bare

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   Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually Troubled



Birthdays              August 16              Jerry Love

                                August 17              Mary Love           



Whatever is your past experience whether perfect, good or bad
There is good news ’round the corner; there’s salvation to be had
Stop and think of all the heartache that you’ve caused throughout your life
It is time to turn and face it; time to end internal strife.

He is knocking, oh so gently; open up and let Him in
Say that you are really sorry that you’re going to live for Him
Then you’ll find a transformation taking place inside your heart
Changing into what He made you—loving child who’s set apart.

Mike Bullock


Starting Fresh…No Regret

If you regret what you have done in the past, if you lament how your years have been spent
It’s not too late to turn your life around. It is never too late to repent.
Our God is the Father of forgiveness.  It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past.
The Lord will hold you in His merciful embrace with an enduring love that will always last.
When you come to that fork in the road, so you don’t regret the road not taken,
choose Christ’s path, which leads to light and life, so you won’t find yourself among the forsaken.
Jesus loved you enough to die for you, in order to save you from sinful strife.
He wants you to spend eternity with Him, in the city of light and of life.
Just believe in the holy Word of God, and that each and every word is true.
Just accept Jesus into your heart and life.  The Holy Spirit will show you what to do.
You’ll be set free from the regret and shame.  You won’t miss the person you were before.
When you no longer have to shoulder the blame, You’ll realize your life can be so much more.
If you will seek His guidance from above He will take the lead.
He will do His part to point you in the direction you need to go,
to help you to make a fresh new start.

~ Lanette Kissel ~

Mole Hills

   A friend of mine had a real issue. He had built his new office on a beautiful piece of land, and with the lawn in the front well kept; the appearance was one of order. However a problem had arisen.
Molehills began to appear in the yard, and not just one or two. As he gazed from his office window, he watched as his manicured lawn became a playground for destruction.
He described a feeling of helplessness. When he visited with ten people on the subject of getting rid of them, he received ten different answers. All of the remedies he received would allow him to sit comfortably from his desk chair and watch them leave.
But they never did. In fact, like most of us, the ruination had become so extensive that he just decided to give up. But, his heart would stand it no longer. He traveled outdoors with a shovel and decided to wait.
Suddenly, he noticed movement of dirt from one of the mounds. He immediately began to dig and he captured one of the creatures. The tiny six inch animal was now completely helpless as it lay above ground. My friend could only stare in amazement of what this tiny animal was capable of. And by bringing it to the surface, it was powerless.
He immediately knew God was speaking with him. He began to describe the destruction of moles in his own life. The process started just like the beginning of this story. An appearance that all was well. Even believing it himself for awhile.
The sin in his life was burrowing through his heart and life and leaving incredible damage at the surface. Some people told him it would just go away, but it never did. He tried to sit in a comfortable place and ignore it, but his heart could stand it no longer.
He made a trip to the place where it worked, and brought it to the surface. An opportunity to see how something so small could wreck him from the inside out.
He made us all better mole hunters that day. By describing the sin in our own lives, we began to bring them to the surface. We shovel moles in confession to one another. Then God can help us eradicate them.

But if we confess our sins to him, he is faithful and just to
forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all wickedness.
 1 John 1:9 NLT

~ Tom Rogers ~

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