February 02,2013 Bulletin

New Requests:  Willie Wills, Gary Vergne, Jack McCann, Danny Harrison, Helen Smith


Continued Requests:   Freddie Rose, Hays Tackett

Cancer Patients:  Edith Westfall, Jim Hamilton, Verde Weese, Kathy Sowers, Teresa

Aarowsmith, Carol Davis, Ashley Carrington, Steve Henderson, Doug McCann

Elderly and Shut Ins and their Families:  Jason Cox, Maxine Soards, Helen Dixon,

Sammy & Gardena Ginn, Flora Wells, Maggie Sparks, Jim Hasler, Russell Hord, Joe

Hewlett, Pat Prater

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Birthdays                 February 8           Bailey Duff


 Bible Study—Tonight—6:30—Matthew 17

Prayer Meeting—Wednesday—6:30


Faith Without Works
Believe and be saved the minister said,
Believe and be saved and rise from the dead.

Through grace ye are saved from sin and from hell,
So simply believe and all will be well.

The preacher continued and read from the book,
How all can reach heaven, both angel and crook.

When all had been said and the church recessed;
With money collected and everyone blessed;

The preacher retired to his spacious new home,
In his humble Mercedes with everything chrome.

He sat in his study, his thoughts running deep,
He dozed for a moment, and died in his sleep.

He ran to Saint Peter and wearing a grin,
Said “I believe in the Savior, so please let me in”

“Oh no, not another”, said Peter with a sigh,
“Satan’s sure working, the tolls running high.”

The preacher looked puzzled, then saw in a flash,
The plan of salvation, beginning at last.

Believing is nothing, if nothing is done.
In getting to Heaven you follow the Son.

To follow a leader, you do what is said,
Faith without works is nothing but dead.

Satan knows Jesus, believes in him too.
So what’s the difference between Satan and You?

Believe in the Savior, but always recall,
Faith is important, but sure isn’t all.

-Wes Stephenson

The Burden-Bearer

A long-ago legend has it that, there once lived a man of towering strength, a giant of a man. He was a pagan whose strength perhaps led him to believe that he needed no higher power.

He made his living by carrying travelers across a broad river. One day a beautiful child came to the bank of the river. As the man bent down to allow the child to climb upon his back, the young lad said, “Are you sure you can bear my weight?”

The man laughed. “Why, I’ve carried full-grown men across the river. You, my little one, will be lighter than a pebble.”

“Very well,” said the boy. “But I must warn you. I am heavier than I look.”

With a grin, the man raised the child upon his massive shoulders and stepped out into the swirling water. But the weight on his back grew strangely heavy. Soon the brawny giant was struggling not to sink.With superhuman effort he crawled up onto the opposite bank of the river and let the child down.

“How can you be so heavy?” the perplexed man asked. “Who are you?”

“I am Jesus of Nazareth,” replied the boy. “And I carry the burdens of the world on my shoulders. Let me carry yours too.”

And so it was that Christopher, today known as St. Christopher, was converted to Christianity. The story reminds me — I don’t need to struggle across each day on my own. There is One stronger than I. He is the Great Burden-bearer. He even carries St. Christopher, yet on His shoulders there is always room for one more.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”
(Matthew 11:28 NLT)
“Lord, thank you for inviting me to come to you, especially when life is getting too difficult for me. I find comfort and peace in knowing that you are going to help me get across my river of difficulties if I just rest on Your shoulders. Remind me always of my limitations so that day by day I will remember that without you I can do nothing. Lord Jesus, please lift me up and carry me through this day.”

One Shovel At A Time

   Another massive snowstorm had hit the mountains of my home. A foot and a half of the white stuff had covered everything. Living on the side of a hill I looked out the window at the task that lay ahead of me. Two cars were snowed in on the driveway. Paths had to be shoveled out to the trash bin and newspaper box. A place had to be dug out for my dogs to walk and relieve themselves. The porches and steps also needed to be cleared. My back ached already from recent days of shoveling. It felt like an impossible job. Still, I knew it had to be done.
I bundled up in my hooded coat and thick gloves and stepped out the door. The bitterly cold wind instantly bit into my face. I smiled grimly, gave a quick look to the heavens, and grabbed my snow shovel. I bent down, scooped up a shovel full of snow, lifted it slightly, and tossed it to the side. Slowly, one shovel at a time I worked my way down the side of the hill, creating my own walking path as I went. I bent, scooped, lifted, and tossed again and again. Each step needed another shovel full of snow to be moved. After a few minutes I would stop, rest, and stretch my sore back. I would look up at the gently falling flakes, breath in the ice cold air, and start again. Minute by minute and shovel by shovel I made my way down the paths, cleaned the cars, and cleared the porches. When I was finally finished I was amazed that I had done it all. It had taken my best effort. My fingers were froze, but my heart was warm with happiness. I smiled and thanked God for once again giving me the strength to do what I needed to do.
This life gives us many heavy snows to dig out of. This life gives us countless impossible jobs to do. Still, with the strength God gives us we can get them done. All we need to remember is to do them lovingly and joyfully one day, one choice, and one shovel at a time. God asks for nothing more and we should give nothing less.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~ 

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