March 03,2013 Bulletin

New Requests:   Adelie Caudill

Continued Requests:   Tom Cox, Jeanna Melton, Lillie Goodwin, Willie Wills,   Jerry

Love, Nancy Bradley, Lori Aldridge, Allison Maynard

Cancer Patients:  Jack McCann,   Edith Westfall, Jim Hamilton, Verde Weese, Kathy

Sowers, Teresa Aarowsmith, Carol Davis, Ashley Carrington, Steve Henderson, Doug

McCann, Gary  Smith, James Pierce, Kathy Williams, Bob McClara

Elderly and Shut Ins and their Families:  Jason Cox, Maxine Soards, Helen Dixon,

Sammy & Gardena Ginn, Flora Wells, Maggie Sparks, Jim Hasler, Russell Hord, Joe

Hewlett, Pat Prater, Barbara Jordan

Web Prayer Requests, Our Troops, Unspoken Needs, Missionaries, the “Lost”, the

   Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually Troubled


                Birthdays                              April 5                   Kelly Nolen



 Bible Study—Tonight—6:30—Matthew 22:23+

Prayer Meeting—Wednesday, March 6—6:30 

Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday March 10


Aills Christian Church  Services


Sunday School—10:00                       


Hymn— 289


Dismissal Prayer to classes


Church Services—10:45

Hymn— 516

Prayer Hymn—265

Sermon—Ask The Preacher

Invitation Hymn—22

Communion Hymn—320

Closing Remarks and Prayer

Chorus—Lord Lay Some Soul


Why Jesus?

JESUS was born, that I might be born twice.
HE became poor, that I might possess wealth.
HE became homeless, that I might have a mansion.
HE was stripped, that I always should have clothes.
HE was forsaken, that I always should have friends.
HE was bound, that I might have perfect liberty.
HE was saddened, that I might have full joy.
HE descended, that I should be lifted up.
HE became a servant, that I might be a son forever.
HE was made sin, that I should share HIS righteousness.
HE died, that I should never taste eternal death.
HE will come down, that I might go up.

All of this — that HE might display in me the riches of HIS grace,
and so I can dwell with God in the heavenlies.


The King’s Highway

Once a king had a great highway built for the members of his kingdom. After it was completed, but before it was opened to the public, the king decided to have a contest. He invited as many as desired to participate. Their challenge was to see who could travel the highway the best.
On the day of the contest the people came. Some of them had fine chariots, some had fine clothing, fine hairdos, or great food. Some young men came in their track clothes and ran along the highway. People traveled the highway all day, but each one, when he arrived at the end, complained to the king that there was a large pile of rocks and debris left on the road at one spot and this got in their way and hindered their travel.
At the end of the day, a lone traveler crossed the finish line warily and walked over to the king. He was tired and dirty, but he addressed the king with great respect and handed him a bag of gold. he explained, “I stopped along the way to clear a pile of rocks and debris that was blocking the road. This bag of gold was under it all. I want you to return it to its rightful owner.”
The king replied, “You are the rightful owner.”
The traveler replied, “Oh no, this is not mine. I’ve never known such money.”
“Oh yes,” said the king, “you’ve earned this gold, for you won my contest. He who travels the road best is he who makes the road smoother for those who will follow.”


“But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.” Romans 5:8 (NLT)
Matchbox 20 had a hit song called “Bent.” Radio stations still play it, just not quite as much. In this particular song, Rob Thomas — the lead singer and songwriter for the band — manages to capture the emotion behind what seems to be a universal problem. Here are a few lines:
If I fall along the way
Pick me up and dust me off
And if I get too tired to make it
Be my breath so I can walk
Can you help me – I’m bent
I’m so scared that I’ll never
Get put back together…
I started out clean but I’m jaded
Just phoning it in
Just breaking the skin
Shouldn’t be so complicated…
Can you identify? No matter how hard you try, you seem to keep messing up? When you step back from your life to take a look, it seems like you’re always coming up short? You watch the news and wonder what this world is coming to? You’re tired of the struggle and just want to phone it in? You long for life to be simple – the way it’s supposed to be — rather than so complicated? You wonder if a life like yours is really worth God paying attention to — or better yet, saving? Your capacity for wrong-doing scares you?
God knew we would have feelings like this. That’s why He sent Jesus into the world… so that these realities wouldn’t leave us hopeless. Yes, we are human. Yes, we are sinners. And yes, we are bent. But the good news is that God’s grace covers our condition. His grace not only enables us to face life here, but it also promises that one day — in the kingdom of heaven — we will be put back together… we will be whole.

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