March 10,2013 Bulletin

New Requests:   James Clark Family, Tim Rickett Family, Fanny Roten

Continued Requests:  Lillie Goodwin, Willie Wills, Jerry Love, Nancy Bradley

Cancer Patients:  Jack McCann, Edith Westfall, Jim Hamilton, Verde Weese, Kathy

Sowers, Teresa Aarowsmith, Carol Davis, Ashley Carrington, Steve Henderson, Doug

McCann, Gary  Smith, James Pierce, Kathy Williams, Bob McClara

Elderly and Shut Ins and their Families:  Jason Cox, Maxine Soards, Helen Dixon,

Sammy & Gardena Ginn, Flora Wells, Maggie Sparks, Jim Hasler, Russell Hord, Joe

Hewlett, Pat Prater, Barbara Jordan

Web Prayer Requests, Our Troops, Unspoken Needs, Missionaries, the “Lost”, the

   Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually Troubled




Birthday                                March 13               Melvin Wills        

Anniversary                          March 15               Gary/Joann Vergne




 Bible Study—Tonight—6:30—Matthew 24 

Prayer Meeting—Wednesday, March 13  —6:30 

Ladies Meeting—March 14—6:00



Embracing Spring

   After a long, cold, and rough Winter I am patiently counting the days now until Spring arrives here in the mountains of my home. It will be so glorious to see the rebirth of the world once again. Soon the first dandelion will cautiously poke its head through the ground to delight in the newly warm air. Soon the Apple, Dogwood, and Cherry trees will awaken and fill their limbs with brilliant and fragrant blossoms. Soon the mountains will turn a thousand shades of green as the leaves appear and every glance at them will bring a smile to my face. Soon the meadows will be full of fresh, new grass that will an inviting carpet for any barefoot child to walk on. Soon the skies will be full of returning birds and their Heavenly songs will make my heart sing as well. Soon the gentle breezes will carry the dance of the butterflies as they float happily from flower to flower. Soon the beautiful sounds of talking neighbors, laughing teenagers, and playing children will fill the air as everyone ventures out to enjoy the mild temperatures and golden sunshine.
When those days get here I will embrace them with all of my heart, soul, and mind. I will look to the Heavens as well and thank God for once again bringing new life to this world. Most of all, though, I will seek out the Springtime within myself and continue to share it with everyone I meet.
You see, God blesses the world with Spring once a year but blesses us with Spring everyday of our lives. Each time we pray, share our love, spread our joy, stop to help another, or do a single act of kindness it is once again Springtime in our souls. Embrace the Springtime in within you then no matter what the season. Live from the eternal Spring of life, goodness, and love that God gives you and help Him renew this world each and everyday. Spring is the season of new life. May your Springtime last forever.

~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~



   Spring in the mountains of my home is a thing of beauty to behold. Clear skies and a golden sun make everything glow. Warm temperatures and gentle rains make everything grow. Tulips and dandelions each pop their heads out of the ground side by side. The trees are full of apple and cherry blossoms and their sweet fragrance fills the air. Butterflies emerge and begin to float happily from flower to flower. The morning air is full of the sweet songs of hundreds of birds. Bunny rabbits and deer sneak into the meadows before dawn to munch on the fresh, sweet grass. The gentle music of young children playing outside fills the ears with the sound of joy. Neighbors sweep off their porches and sit in their swings to take in the wonder all around them. It is a special time when the whole world seems to come back to life again.
Watching the rebirth of the Earth again this Spring has made me think of all the times in my own life when I felt dead inside only to be reborn. There have been moments of pain, purposelessness, and pride when I felt all the zest for life draining out of me. There have been times of despair, depression, and desperation when I never thought I would feel alive again. Yet, each time God in His love and wisdom has planted a few seeds in my soul that sprouted, grew, and gave life to me once again.
In truth, each of us is reborn many times in our lives. Each time we awake in the morning, we are reborn. Each time we rise up after we stumble and fall, we are reborn. Each time we invite our Creator into our hearts, souls, and lives, we are reborn. Each time we choose to love God, ourselves, and others, we are reborn. Each time we do a single, kind act, we are reborn. When it comes to rebirth the most glorious Spring still can’t compare to us. May you make everyday of your life then a day of rebirth. And may you always live from the Springtime of your soul.                           ~ Joseph J. Mazzella ~







ASAP – Always Say A Prayer

There’s work to do, deadlines to meet,
You’ve got no time to spare.
But as you hurry and scurry,
ASAP – Always say a prayer.
In the midst of family chaos,
“Quality time” is rare.
Do your best; let God do the rest,
ASAP – Always say a prayer.
It may seem like your worries
Are more than you can bear.
Slow down and take a breather,
ASAP – Always say a prayer.
God knows how stressful life is,
He wants to ease our cares.
And He’ll respond to all your needs,
ASAP – Always say a prayer.

© 2013, Aills Christian Church. All rights reserved.

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